We understand closely held businesses at every stage in the business lifecycle from formation to sale.

We have interviewed more than 1743 foreign owned businesses over the last decade and chosen 152 of those to be our clients.

For the ones that are chosen we want to be there every step of the way. We recognize that the team required to launch a business may not be the same team required to sell it. Our focus as corporate advisors is to always have the best advisors supporting the needs of a growing client and supporting them in any way that is appropriate to ensure success.

In the end that may mean that we are not always the best choice to support our clients at every step of the journey.

Success does not happen overnight. It is built off a strong honest foundation focused on being exceptional at your craft and a commitment to repetition and learning. We share that same commitment.

Tax Advisory

The U.S. has some of the most complicated international tax rules which have a significant impact on how foreign business can be structured

Entity Formation

Foreign businesses expanding into the U.S. have numerous entity options. ExperityCPA Tax & Accounting can help you choose the best one.

Tax Preparation Services

Accounting for and managing the domestic disclosure obligations of a foreign wholly owned subsidiary or related entity, can be a complex and costly exercise if it is not managed correctly.

Corporate Finance

Our team of analysts, attorneys and CPAs advise on all facets of the mergers and acquisitions lifecycle from capital raising to liquidity.