Multi-Family Office

We provide turn-key wealth management, financial reporting and compliance support for families that do not have the desire to operate their own family office. We have supported 41 family offices as they have invested and moved in and out of the US over the last decade.

Expert Financial Management

At ExperityCPA we provide integrated financial and administrative support for global families who wish to delegate responsibility for all aspects of the management of their family office to an outsourced team.

In order for a family to generate a return on investment from the establishment of a single family office the cost of operation needs to be a small fraction of an individuals net worth. For most families with a net worth of less than a $B dollars a single family office does not represent value. It can also dramatically increase the structural complexity of a family’s financial dealings because of the requirements to active manage the executive team that is running the family office.

We believe that most families are better served by engaging a multi family office to assist them on a fractional basis.

Financial Reporting

Having a clear understanding of your family’s global assets and liabilities is critical to any financial decision-making process.

Tax Advisory

We have a deep understanding of transactional tax support and how proper tax planning can impact a return on investment. Getting it…


Family office accounting is an essential financial management service that caters to the unique and multifaceted needs of affluent individuals…

Deal Advisory

Since the Global Recession in 2008 there has a dramatic shift of capital away from large financial institutions to fund the establishment & capitalization…

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