Estate Planning

Tailored Estate Planning for Global High-Net-Worth Families

Our personal  Estate Planning services are designed to meet the needs of ultra-high net worth families with assets, businesses, and residency or citizenship in two or more countries – both in the US and overseas.

Such families could be:

  1. A family of U.S. citizens living overseas (an “expat family”);
  2. A U.S. citizen or green card holder who is married to an Non-USA citizen;
  3. A Non-USA citizen who holds assets in the U.S; or
  4. A family whose members live and / or operate businesses, in two (or more) countries, including the U.S.

The needs of such families are and typically require bespoke planning for their cross-border estates, personal and business succession, and tax and investments, taking into account:

  1. Family dynamics;
  2. U.S. Federal and State estate, gift and other “transfer” taxes;
  3. U.S. State inheritance taxes;
  4. Potential taxation of the estate in one or more jurisdictions, depending on citizenship, residency and domicile, and the nature, and location, of assets;
  5. Tax treaties; and
  6. Foreign tax credits

How we can assist you:

  1. Identify your needs: We will meet with you, either in person or by video conference call, to identify your specific needs by reference to your family circumstances, the nature and location of your assets, business structuring and future intentions.
  2. Estate Planning Review: We will conduct an Estate Planning Review of your US and foreign (Australia, New Zealand, and UK) Wills, Powers of Attorney and Letters of Wishes and making recommendations for your specific circumstances; and
  3. Entity Succession Review: We will review the governing documentation for entities controlled by you, including family and business trusts and private companies, to ensure that appropriate cross-border succession planning mechanisms are implemented.

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