ExperityCPA is a multi-family office ecosystem that supports the needs of individuals, their families, and the businesses they run.


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ExperityCPA Tax & Accounting is a multi-family office that supports individuals, including high-net-worth individuals, businesses, corporations, nonprofit organizations, and cryptocurrency investors. Our team provides senior-level advisory and support focused on solutions that enable clients to secure their generational legacy.

We believe holistic planning should be supported by a strong and aligned viewpoint, ensuring every financial decision contributes to long-term success.

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Our subject matter experts specialize in multi-family office services, securing generational wealth through strategic investments. Book a consultation with us today to start planning your financial future.

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Expertly navigating complex financial landscapes, we offer holistic, senior-level advisory, securing your family’s generational legacy through strategic investments and personalized solutions.

Holistic Financial

Providing integrated, expert advisory services to secure and enhance your family's financial legacy across generations.

Comprehensive Wealth Management

Expert advisors delivering tailored financial strategies to ensure lasting generational wealth and security.

Strategic Legacy

Guiding families in preserving and growing wealth through customized, long-term investment and planning solutions.

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ExperityCPA Tax & Accounting – Domestic and International Tax Accountants & Advisors You Can Trust with offices in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey.




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