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US Market Entry Events – Sunshine Coast March 26th

Looking to Expand Your Business into the United States?
Littler, together with Trade & Investment Queensland, CLARUS Advisors and FD Global Connections, will host a market briefing webinar for companies looking to enter the U.S. market. The event will feature a panel of experts that will cover the pitfalls and successes of expanding into the U.S. and including:

Setting up a company
Immigration under the Trump Administration and what visa options are available
Engaging contractors in new markets
Sending employees to a new market and local hires
Immigration and tax considerations
Obtaining investors
Other global issues to consider in U.S. expansion
5 critical areas to prepare your business for market entry
Following the webinar, the team will be on the Sunshine Coast for in-person meetings for any companies that are interested in expanding their business into the US. Spaces are limited. Details on how to reserve your place are below.

Webinar RSVP:
Please RSVP with event city and date to Susan Hanks at SHanks@littler.com and a copy of the webinar will be sent to you.

Please RSVP with event, city and date to Susan Hanks SHanks@littler.com or 310.772.7211

Naomi Seddon, Shareholder
Trena Blair, CEO, FD Global Connections
Aman Mullee, Senior International Tax Consultant
The event will be held at
Club Kawana
476 Nicklin Way
Wurtulla QLD 4575
On the 26th March 2019 between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m

Program is complimentary.

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